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No ordinary consulting, we offer much more.

One supplier for IT, SEO, SM & digital marketing.


Design thinking offers a mean to see a broader picture and to dig deeper utilizing interdisciplinary approach and an outside perspective.

Digital solutions

We offer our expertise to develop and execute full scale digital strategies. Out of the box digital solutions creating a unique platform.


Not just out of the box, we often go out of the comfort zone to deliver meaningful customer centered business experience and beyond.


Turn-key web or landing site development and management. From concept set-up to CSS, php, Java etc. programing. Over-night site development!


LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram. Providing 6 months plan of SM activities. Content sourcing, post scheduling and analisys. FREE trial period!


Both digital & print catalogues, brochures, flyer etc. design. Viral SM content creation. Available to react on first call, urgent response. SEO optimised design!


Here's what we are working on right now.

Setting up an effective, crisis-proof supply chain.

In 2022 we started collaborating with a Danish online trading company for tools and equipment for off-shore companies. The main objective was to set up a reliable, cost effective and crisis-proof supply chain. For that we really had to dig deep and spend countless travelling hours trying to find Asia alternatives here in Europe.

The project services included:

- Present supply chain discovery & analysis
- Improving the supply chain strategy
- Drafting and later on selecting TOP 5 EU suppliers
- Portfolio analysis; following extension of portfolio
- Supplier negotiations

Given the geo-political situation in the world and Europe we were pleased to take on this project as it later showed that our client actually depended on Asia suppliers way too much. Analysing the facts and calculating all numbers and risks involved it turned out that EU suppliers can not only be reliable but also cheaper.

Updating the dealership model as automotive retail changes

The Covid pandemic has had a swift and severe impact on global automotive industry with a disruption in Chinese parts exports, huge manufacturing interruptions across Europe, the closure of US assembly plants etc.
Used car dealers sensed the opportunity and one of them - Slovenian Autobroker hired us to develop a tailored approach to the Scandinavian market with services including:
- Mapping
- Competitor analysis
- Supply chain investigation
- Strategic partner search and conversations

HH Connect having excellent connections and established networks in Scandinavian and Northern Europe the project turned out to be a real success story and we are extremly proud to be a part of it for over 2 years now.

Full scale strategic development

In 2021 we started with the overall development of a Turkish sealing solution manufacturing company who experienced to have lost sight of direction due to too fast growth.
The process we chose and executed contained us to:
- Redefine vision, mission, position and assuring internal understanding
- Competitive analysis to define own competitive strength
- Complete revamp of Marketing and web presence (Conceptual, Graphical, and content development)
- Market expansion: both considering regional presence and portfolio offered
- M & A advice

Today the company is appearing with a clear, one the most modern, and attractive presence in the market. The overhaul created proactive interest from other European markets to use them as supplier. Furthermore, the company is now set up in a neighboring market with further expansion plans into 2 other markets in their proximity.

Centralized alignment with a local touch

A company from Switzerland who is part of a major multinational group needed to get main marketing tools overhauled (graphical and content) and aligned with the Central guidelines without loosing own competitive edge and specifics.
The service we provided included:
- Web overhaul
– Graphics and content creation
- Development of Digital product finder tool as well as modern 3D presentation tools.
- Literature development; content and design
- Web maintenance services

Within 12 months the company was aligned with the international guidelines without loosing own specific touch. The product finder tool and some 3D graphical presentations are now integrated parts of the international guidelines.


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